Concert Inhotim and Georgette, Belo Horizonte, 12/13 April 2014

I have just returned from two really great free improv events in Belo Horizonte. The first took place at artist’s studio “Georgette”, run by Mathias Koole.
Henrique Iwao (electronics), Mathias Koole (electric guitar and lots of distortion pedals), Marcelo Duarte (electric guitar) and myself filled the cosy, intimate space with quite a lot of electricity on 12 April 2014. Waffles and cachaça sweetened the evening.

The 13 April 2014 concert took place at Inhotim, an incredible park of 20.23km2 area filled with contemporary art and palm trees. Players lined up for this very special event were Xenia Pestova on toy piano, Henrique Iwao (electronics), Mathias Koole (electric guitar), Improvised dance by Dorothė Depeauw and myself on soprano sax. Curated by Fernando Rocha.
Here are some photos of set-ups, instruments and people:

Set-up 12 April @ Georgette:

20140415-113127.jpgHenrique’ s toy table

20140415-113216.jpgMathias’ pedal set-up

20140415-113254.jpgDorothė making waffles

Set-up 13 April @ Inhotim:

20140415-113531.jpg Xenia and myself with the toy piano

20140415-113551.jpg Posing a little before the concert

20140415-113603.jpgXenia playing toy piano

The free improv ‘band’ in action

All of us posing with Henrique’s very sweet squishy toys

And this is a little of the incredible park:




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